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I am currently looking for male models who are able to move easily and are willing to pose nude for a new photographic project.

These will be film photographs (b/w and color) in long exposures (without flash) with movements, mainly in the studio, but also outdoors. These poses require a lot of slowness and concentration on the part of the model. The model is naked, for some photographs so  frontal, but, due to motion blur, the prints will be partially or completely anonymized.  Some planned photographs require body painting. The duration of a session is approximately three hours. Any accessories will be provided.


Most of the images published on this site are digitally processed film photographs. Prints are generally made on matte baryta paper (310-350), the format varying depending onn of the type of photo and its destination.

If you wantacquire one of the photograph(s), if you wishbe a model, or for any other information, Do not hesitate to contact me.

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