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Vices & Virtues


Some will see this as reasons to meditate on the origins of human suffering; others will consider that these are sins from which one must quickly absolve oneself. What if we interpreted them as more or less efficient means of escaping our human condition, the irremediable.

It is less the being than the consequences of its behaviors which animate this statement, making us all object-beings. The socio-politico-economic-digital-granguignolesque context that we have been building for centuries increasingly reduces our choices, our possibilities and degrades us to the state of non-beings manipulated by needs that we impose on ourselves. An incessant and frightening transformation: to consume, to withdraw into oneself, to digitize, to pollute, to destroy, to isolate oneself, to reject out of fear of others and of everything.

Variations Expressionnistes de la Souffrance

By transgressing the border that usually separates the photographer from his subject, I have become the object of my images, a constrained actor of my own scenario.

Antoine D'AGATA

“Paint the cry rather than the horror”

                           Francis BACON

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